PT Blog Version 2.2 Upgrade

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This guide is to upgrade the PT Blog v2.1 application. If upgrading from a lower version than v2.1, please follow the Version 2.2 Install Guide to validate your installation.

Application Code

  1. Rename directory "/ADF/apps/pt_blog" to "/ADF/apps/pt_blog_v2_1".
  2. Rename file "/ADF/apps/pt_blog_v2_1/appBeanConfig.cfm" to "/ADF/apps/pt_blog_v2_1/appBeanConfig.cfm.old".
  3. Download the PT Blog v2.2 and exported into the "/ADF/apps/pt_blog/" directory.

Custom Element Updates


Update the following fields:

  1. Field Name: name
    1. Required: Yes
  2. Field Name: subsiteURL
    1. Required: Yes
    2. Default Value: "/blogs/"
  3. Field Name: blogTemplate
    1. Label: "Blog Post Template"
    2. Description: Select the template for the blog post pages to be derived.
    3. Required: Yes

Add the following field:

  1. Field Name: commentApproval
    1. In the "Blog2" tab.
    2. Label: Comments Require Approval
    3. Type: Checkbox
    4. Description: Check this box to have the comments require approval before rendering on the blog page.
    5. Properties:
      1. Value: 1


Update the following fields:

  1. Field Name: content
    1. Required: Yes