PT ADF Dashboard Left Pane Configuration

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  1. Go the Site Administration, under the "Site Properties/Settings" menu on the left select the "Left Pane Settings" link.
  2. Select "Add Panel" at the bottom of the window.
  3. Complete the "Add Panel" form fields as follows:
    1. Name: ADF Dashboard
    2. Description: ADF Dashboard
    3. Panel URL: http://YOURSITEURL/ADF/apps/pt_adf_dashboard/customcf/dashboard.cfm?subsiteURL=/
      1. Where the path contains your site URL and the subsiteURL parameter is to the root of your site.
    4. Display State: Displayed as a Panel or Displayed as an Icon
    5. Panel Icon URL: http://YOURSITEURL/ADF/apps/pt_adf_dashboard/images/icon.png
      1. Where the path contains your site URL.
  4. Save the form.
  5. Set the Security for the Left Pane. Change the security to only allow the Site Administrators group "View Pane" permissions. Make sure to remove permissions for the "Content Contributor" group (unless you want all the site content contributors the ability to reset the ADF).