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Data Utils component functions for the ADF Library


version = 1_0_0
wikiTitle = Data_1_0
type = singleton


ArrayConcat ( array a1, array a2 )
arraydeletearray ( array baseArray, array deleteArray )
arrayOfStructsSort ( array aOfS, string key, string sortOrder, string sortType, string delim )
arrayOfStructuresToQuery ( array theArray )
ArraySort2D ( array arrayToSort, numeric sortColumn, string type, string delim, string sortOrder )
capFirst ( string str )
cfRssFeed ( string feedUrl )
CSVToArray ( string File, string CSV, string Delimiter, boolean Trim )
Takes a CSV file or CSV data value and converts it to an array of arrays based on the given field delimiter. Line delimiter is assumed to be new line / carriage return related.
csvToQuery ( string csvString, string rowDelim, string colDelim )
Converts a CSV file into a Query
decimalRound ( numeric numberToRound, numeric numberOfPlaces )
deleteFromList ( string list, string listValue )
Removes a value from a list
formatUUID ( string uuid )
getBinaryDocFile ( string filePath )
getTagAttribute ( string tag, string attribute )
Returns the value for the html tag attribute
isCFUUID ( string inStr )
ListInCommon ( String list1, String list2 )
listRemoveDuplicates ( string lst )
queryColumnsToStruct ( query query, string keyColumn, string valueColumn, boolean reverse )
queryConcat ( query q1, query q2 )
Concatenate two queries together
queryStringToStruct ( String inString )
queryToArrayOfStructures ( query queryData )
Converts a query to an array of structures
queryToCSV ( query data, string headers, string cols )
Converts a CF Query into a CSV string
QueryToXML ( query query, string rootElementName, string rowName )
sortArrayByIDList ( array arrayOfStructs, string idFieldName, string idList )
structFindRecurse ( struct dataStruct, string keyList )
Returns the struct key value for the struct key that matches the keylist param.
structMerge ( struct struct1, struct struct2 )
Merge two simple or complex structures in one.
StructToQueryString ( struct struct )
trimStringByWordCount ( string str, numeric words, boolean useEllipsis )
Shortens a string without cutting words in half and appends '...' to the end.