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Returns the taxonomy object for a given taxonomy name


public any getCSTaxObj ( string taxName )


Required Name Type Description
required taxName string


Using the getCSTaxObj function is simple and straight forward. Making a call to this method will return a component which contains all of the Taxonomy API calls available in the CommonSpot Taxonomy.

CE Data calls return Taxonomy Term ID

If you have Taxonomy fields inside your Custom Element and you make calls to get data for that custom Element using CEData, the Taxonomy fields will return term ID's. You can convert those term ID's using code like this:

     // custom element data
     data = application.ADF.ceData.getCEData("My Element");
     // returns taxonomy object
     taxObj = application.ADF.taxonomy.getCSTaxObj("My Taxonomy");

 <cfloop from="1" to="#arrayLen(data)#" index="itm">
    <!---// renders the term name instead of the term id --->