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The following steps will step a ColdFusion scheduled task to run at night to automate the updating to profile records to your external database. The task will create a scheduled job within the ADF Scheduler library component. This will create a separate ColdFusion scheduled task to process the update/insert for the profile records.

This scheduled task should be configured on the CommonSpot Authoring server.


  1. Navigate to the ColdFusion Administrator and login.
    1. "/cfide/administrator/"
  2. Open the "Debugging & Logging > Scheduled Tasks" menu option.
  3. Click the "Schedule New Task" button.
  4. In the "Add/Edit Scheduled Task" form enter the following fields:
    1. Task Name = Profile-Nightly-Import
    2. Frequency = Recurring Daily @ 01:00
      1. This time can vary based on your requirements.
    3. URL =
      1. Update the path to point to your sites authoring server.
      2. You can also modify the URL parameters for the following:
        1. passCount = Number of profile records to process in a row before scheduling a task to run the next "passCount" number of records.
        2. delayMinutes = Number of minutes to pause after the "passCount" number of records has been processed.
  5. Click the "Submit" button to save the form.


The Automated Import/Update process will generate logs within the CommonSpot logs directory. The log entries contain information for the date/time stamp the profile update was run, the profile userID that was process, and if the profile was updated.