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Page Title: Import Custom Elements


The Forums App has several Custom Components defined within CommonSpot. These components are available in the Forums "exported-objects" folder located at the root of the pt_forums application directory (e.g. /ADF/apps/pt_forums/exported-objects/)

To import these objects, you will need to be an administrator for your site.


Import all portions of each component in the order listed.

Import Custom Elements:

  1. Forum Categories (
  2. Forum Topics (
  3. Forum Threads (
  4. Forum Messages (
  5. Forum User Settings (
  6. ptForums Configuration (

Verify/Update Imports:

The imported components' render handlers and custom field types must be verified. During the import process, the render handler and custom field types paths may have been changed to reflect the current site's path.

Review and update these paths to reference the ADF path. In most cases, this will just require a change in the path from the site name to 'ADF'. Check the paths for the custom field types that were imported with the custom elements by unlocking them and fixing the explicit paths to point to "/ADF/extensions/".

Security Settings

During the import, field permissions may have been cleared or assigned to an unknown group. The following custom element should have explicit security settings: