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Custom Element Data functions for the ADF Library


dependency = csSecurity_1_0
version = 1_0_0
wikiTitle = CEData_1_0
type = singleton


arrayOfCEDataSort ( array aOfS, string key, string sortOrder, string sortType, string delim )
buildElementInfoStruct ( array ceData )
Builds an ElementInfo structure given a ceData array
compareCEDataArray ( array array1, array array2 )
containsFieldType ( numeric FormID, string fieldType )
defaultFieldStruct ( string ceName )
deleteByElementName ( string ceName )
Delete the Custom Element records from the data_fieldvalue table given a Custom Element name
deleteCacheInstances ( string ceName )
deleteCE ( string datapageidList )
diffCEDataArray ( array array1, array array2 )
elementExists ( string elementName )
Determines whether or not an element exists
getAllCustomElements ( )
Returns all the Custom Elements for the site.
getCEData ( string customElementName, string customElementFieldName, any item, string queryType, string searchValues, string searchFields )
Returns array of structs for all data matching the Custom Element.
getCEDataByFieldID ( numeric fieldID )
Returns Custom Element Data records for a given FieldID
getCEDataField ( numeric formid, numeric datapageid, string fieldName )
Returns the single field data value for the custom element record.
getCEDataFieldUUID ( numeric formid, string uuid, string fieldName )
Returns the single field data value by the custom element UUID data value.
getCEFieldValues ( string ceName, string fieldName )
Returns all values for a particular field in a particular custom element.
getCEForCategory ( string categoryName )
Returns a query of the CE's name and form ID that are in the Category argument.
getCENameByFormID ( numeric FormID )
getCountForElementField ( string ceName, string fieldName, any fieldValue )
getDataFieldValueByPageID ( Numeric pageid, Numeric formid, boolean currentVersionFlag, numeric versionID )
getElementFieldID ( numeric CEFormID, string CEFieldName )
getElementFieldsByFormID ( Numeric formid )
getElementInfoByPageID ( Numeric pageid, Numeric formid, boolean separateValueStruct )
getElementInfoVersionsByPageID ( Numeric pageid, Numeric formid, Numeric versionID )
getElementVersionsForPageID ( Numeric pageid, Numeric formid )
getFieldIdsByType ( string fieldType )
Returns a list of fieldID's for a given Field Type
getFormIDByCEName ( string CEName )
getFormIDFromPageID ( Numeric pageid )
Returns the Form ID for the Page ID.
getPageIDForElement ( numeric formid, string fieldid, any item, string queryType, string searchValues, string searchFields )
Returns Page ID Query in Data_FieldValue matching Form ID
invalidateElementCache ( numeric pageID, numeric controlID )
sortArrayByIDList ( array arrayOfStructs, string idFieldName, string idList )