PT Blog Version 2.0 Upgrade

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Follow the items below for upgrading the Blog app to v1.2.

Application Code

  1. Rename directory "/ADF/apps/pt_blog" to "/ADF/apps/pt_blog_v1".
  2. Rename file "/ADF/apps/pt_blog_v1/appBeanConfig.cfm" to "/ADF/apps/pt_blog_v1/appBeanConfig.cfm.old".
  3. Download the PT Blog v1 and exported into the "/ADF/apps/pt_blog/" directory.

Custom Element Updates

  1. Comments2
    1. E-Mail field - Edit the properties and change the size to "45".
  2. PTBlog2 Configuration
    1. New Blog Post URL - Remove this field from the custom element.
  3. Posts2
    1. Post Trackbacks - Remove this field from the custom element.

Lightbox Pages/Template

  1. Remove lightbox pages, template, and subsite for the Blog app. Make sure to check not to delete any lightbox pages, template, and subsites for other applications.