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The Twitter App uses an XML file to store site specific configurations. The Twitter App needs to know your Twitter @Anywhere account's Consumer Key and Consumer Secret, as well as your account's Login and Key.

Configuration Fields

If you haven't created a Twitter @Anywhere app, go to Twitter's @Anywhere site for more details. Read that page and hit this link to register your Twitter application. Also sign up for to be able to take advantage of their free URL shortening service. get your api key

Don't worry you will not have to write a single line of code to use these two API's, we just need to add those values to the configuration XML file in any text editor (like Notepad).

There are four components in the configuration XML file:

  1. consumerKey - You can find this in your Twitter @Anywhere app's properties.
  2. consumerSecret - Also in your Twitter @Anywhere app's properties.
  3. bitlyLogin - The username you just registered on's site.
  4. bitlyKey -'s API key.

Final Step

Once your configuration XML file (twitter.xml) has been updated with the correct values from your Twitter App's and's registrations, move the XML file to the /cs_apps/config/ folder.