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This feature enables the following standard CommonSpot complex field types to set sync options:

  • Image
  • CS Page URL

Currently, this feature will only allow to store the text URL for the complex field types. The URL path will direct back to the source site.


  1. Update the Sync Configuration
    1. Navigate to the Configuration Manager.
    2. Select the "Edit Configuration" button.
    3. In the form, select the "Complex Fields" tab.
    4. For the "Image Field" select the "Text Field with Image Path to Source Site" option.
    5. For the "Page/Document Field" select the "Text Field with URL Path to Source Site" option.
    6. Reset the Site ADF.
  2. Update the Destination Custom Element fields
    1. On the destination site, navigate to the Site Administrator and edit the field definitions for the destination custom element.
    2. Change the field types that are listed above to "Text" field types.

You can run the Automate Sync process to update any custom element records that need updating after changing this configuration option.