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The following steps will step a ColdFusion scheduled task to run at night to automate the updating to profile records to your external database. The task will create a scheduled job within the ADF Scheduler library component. This will create a separate ColdFusion scheduled task to process the update/insert for the profile records.

This scheduled task should be configured only on the CommonSpot Authoring server. If you are running in an environment with ROP servers, this scheduled task is not needed on the ROP servers.


  1. Navigate to the ColdFusion Administrator and login.
    1. "/cfide/administrator/"
  2. Open the "Debugging & Logging > Scheduled Tasks" menu option.
  3. Click the "Schedule New Task" button.
  4. In the "Add/Edit Scheduled Task" form enter the following fields:
    1. Task Name = Profile-Nightly-Import
    2. Frequency = Recurring Daily @ 01:00
      1. This time can vary based on your requirements.
    3. URL =
      1. Update the path to point to your sites authoring server.
      2. You can also modify the URL parameters for the following:
        1. passCount = Number of profile records to process in a row before scheduling a task to run the next "passCount" number of records.
        2. delayMinutes = Number of minutes to pause after the "passCount" number of records has been processed.
  5. Click the "Submit" button to save the form.


The Automated Import/Update process will generate logs within the CommonSpot logs directory. The log entries contain information for the date/time stamp the profile update was run, the profile userID that was process, and if the profile was updated.