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Profile listing page is a sample page to demonstrate a display for the profile records. To configure this page do the following steps.


  1. Create a new page from the Base Plus One Template, call this page "Profile Listing" (the name is not important and is only used for reference). This page can be created in any subsite (not specifically the profileadmin subsite). The page does needs to be accessible by all users, therefore the best place is at the root or a profile subsite.
  2. In the content area of the page place the "Profile" custom element.
  3. Choose the "content reuse" option and leave the option for "Render results dynamically...".
  4. Click to the "Filter tab" and choose the "Show all records" radio button.
  5. From the "Sort Order" option, sort by "UserID", "Ascending" (Any sort order can be used here).
  6. Then click "Ok" on the entire Rendering Mode dialog.
  7. From the "Custom Render Handlers" menu option, choose the "Listing Large Display" Render Handler.
  8. Publish the page.