PT Photo Gallery Photo Size Types

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The Photo Size element provides a field for the size type to be defined. This establishes a relationship between the other photo size records that have the same type defined.

In the Photo Category selections for the initial size, multiple required sizes can be selected. If a size is selected with a defined type, then this will only process the resize sizes selections that match that defined type.

For example, I have the following 4 photo sizes:

  1. Large Portrait with the type portrait
  2. Large Landscape with the type landscape
  3. Small Portrait with the type portrait
  4. Small Landscape with the type landscape

When a photo is uploaded that matches the initial size requirements for Large Portrait only the Small Portrait resize will be created. The Small Landscape will not be created because the type is not portrait.

This enables the photo manager to control the resizing without creating multiple categories for the different photo size types.