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Photo Custom Element for storing the Photo data.


Tab 1 - Photo

Field Name/Label Field ID Field Type Required? Properties
photoID photoID Hidden N/A Default Value: {createuuid()}
Title title Text Yes Size: 40
Caption caption Text No Size: 40
Abstract abstract Large Text Area No Columns: 40
Rows: 4
Category category Custom Element Select Field Yes

Custom Element: Photo_Category
Select Value Field: categoryID
Select Display Field: Title
Field Name: category
Field Display Type: Visible

Photo photo Photo Upload Yes

Photo Category Field Name: category
Include Image Gallery Field Name: includeImageGallery

Include Photo in Image Gallery includeImageGallery Photo Image Gallery Checkbox Field No

Field Name: includeImageGallery
Field Display Type: Visible
Default Field Value: Checked
Image Gallery PageID Field Name: imgGalleryPageID

Image Gallery PageID imgGalleryPageID Custom Hidden Field Yes Field ID: imgGalleryPageID