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A Photo Gallery custom element was developed based on the general chooser functionality, which provides the functionality to select Photo element records to associate with the custom element. This custom element also provides searching and sorting capabilties.


1. Import the Photo Gallery custom element.

Note: Verify the paths of the render handler and the imported custom field types point to the ADF mapping, not the current site's mapping.

Note: This element should contain the Photo Chooser field type. If the Photo Chooser field type is already installed on the site then the import process will attempt to import another Photo Chooser with a new name. To resolve this issue, open the Photo Gallery custom element and assign the field type to the field type with the simple name Photo Chooser. After reassigning the field type, you can delete the new imported field from the list of custom field types.

2. Edit the Other Properties of the Photo Select field with the bean name property of PhotoGC.


To set up a demo of the Photo Gallery custom element, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new page and place the Photo Gallery element on the page.
  2. Assign a Custom Render Handler from the list below:
    1. Listing Display - This render handler has the Photo Size Render metadata form that can be used to control the rendering size. Import this metadata form if not imported into the site yet. Bind this metadata form to the Profile Select Listing Display render handler.
    2. Banner Photos - Flash rotating photo display.
    3. Carousel Display - JQuery JCarousel plugin based photo displaying a carousel of the selected photos.
    4. GalleryView Display - JQuery GalleryView plugin based photo display.