PT Multimedia Release Notes v2.0

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  • Updated app for ADF v1.6.
  • Added support for entering either a youtube video ID or the entire embed code.
  • Dropped support of Yahoo videos after Yahoo stopped providing an API to their videos.
  • Added support for rendering Multimedia using the Multimedia element which is new in this version. The prior version rendered Multimedia from the Category Gallery Element and the Series Gallery Elements.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed app to work on unix systems and removed extra "new and original" files.
  • Updated to handle malformed urls from youtube.
  • Added output=false to getAppconfig function to fix issue on Railo.
  • Fixed typo for the script tag in the media uploader props file.
  • Added logic to remove the ADD new config option after the element has one record.
  • Added an end quote to properly terminate the paramFields string.
  • Fixed formatting issue due to a missing end DIV tag.

SVN Change Log

For detailed SVN repository updates for the v2.0, please see the PT Multimedia v2.0 Change Log.