PT Comments Install v2.1

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This guide is to upgrade the PT Comments v1.0 to v2.1.

For v2.1, the primary change that occurred was a bug fix requiring updates to potentially the .HEAD file and to a filter on pages where the Comment element exists.

If you added the following code to your site's .HEAD file:

      <cfset request.params.comments.contentDataPageID => 

you will need to modify the .HEAD and change the code to the following:

      <cfset request.comments.contentDataPageID =>

Next, you will need to change the render mode filter on any page or template where the comments element is used:

  1. Update the render mode on the Comments element
    1. Select "Display existing element data (content reuse)"
    2. Select "Render results dynamically based on a filter, or display all records."
    3. click on filter
    4. select "Subset of records"
    5. in the dropdown select Comments.contentDataPageID
    6. Set the comparison to equals
    7. click the ... next to the value
    8. change request.params.comments.contentDataPageID to request.comments.contentDataPageID
    9. Sort Order: dateTimePosted ASCENDING
    10. click save
  2. submit your page