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== Overview ==
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This guide is to upgrade the [http://community.paperthin.com/projects/pt_comments/ PT Comments] v1.0 to v2.1.
For v2.1, the primary change that occurred was a bug fix requiring updates to potentially the .HEAD file and to a filter on pages where the Comment element exists.
Installing the PT Comments v2.1 can be completed by following the [[PT_Comments_Install_v1|PT Comments v1.0 Install Guide]].
If you added the following code to your site's .HEAD file:
      <cfset request.params.comments.contentDataPageID = request.page.id>
you will need to modify the .HEAD and change the code to the following:
      <cfset request.comments.contentDataPageID = request.page.id>
Next, you will need to change the render mode filter on any page or template where the comments element is used:
# Update the render mode on the Comments element
## Select "Display existing element data (content reuse)"
## Select "Render results dynamically based on a filter, or display all records."
## click on filter
## select "Subset of records"
## in the dropdown select Comments.contentDataPageID
## Set the comparison to equals
## click the ... next to the value
## change request.params.comments.contentDataPageID to request.comments.contentDataPageID
## Sort Order: dateTimePosted ASCENDING
## click save
# submit your page

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Installing the PT Comments v2.1 can be completed by following the PT Comments v1.0 Install Guide.