OHSU Navigation Install v3.0

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Please follow the OHSU Navigation Install Guide v2.0 steps.

Once completed with the v2.0 install guide, please add the next steps to the installation.

Site Configuration

Copy the version 3 OHSUNav files into the /ADF/apps/ohsu_nav/ directory and overwrite the existing files.

The application uses the new CommonSpot 10 resource loading. Go to Site Admin > Resources/Libraries and open the Registered Resources/Libraries dialog. Click on the Secondary tab and on the bottom of the dialog select the "Add Resource/Library" link. For the Resource Name enter: OHSUNavCSS Leave the Resource Category radio button set to Secondary. For the description enter: "Loads the OHSUNav Interface Style Sheet". Then click on the "Resource URLS" tab and on the top of the dialog where it says "Early Loading" enter URL: "/ADF/apps/ohsu_nav/style/interface.css" leave the type set to "Stylesheet" and then hit the "Add" button. At the bottom of this dialog select the "Save" button.

Before using the App, don't forget to reset the ADF.

Reset the ADF

Reset the ADF for the server and site.