OHSU Navigation Install v2.0

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Please follow the OHSU Navigation Install Guide v1.0 steps.

Once completed with the v1.0 install guide, please add the next steps to the installation.

Site Configuration

The application uses an XML file to manage the site specific configurations.

The fields for the configuration fields are defined below.

To allow each site to have its own configuration:

  • Locate the /_cs_apps directory in your site. If a /_cs_apps/config/ directory does not exists, then create the directory.
  • Place a file in this directory called "ohsuNav.xml". This file can be found in the /ohsu_nav/site-files/_cs_apps/config/ohsuNav.xml.
  • Verify the tag field data with the descriptions of the tags below.

XML Tags

The following are the tags of the OHSU Nav XML Config file:

  1. registeredURLs - Registered URL settings.
    1. openInNewWindow - Open Registered URLS in a new window (or tab) - adds: target="_blank" to the link.
    2. excludedDomains - Comma delimited list of domains to exclude from the openInNewWindow config option.

Reset the ADF

Reset the ADF for the server and site.