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(Installation Guides)
(Installation Guides)
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* [[OHSU_Navigation_Release_Notes_v3.0|Release Notes]]
* [[OHSU_Navigation_Release_Notes_v3.0|Release Notes]]
* [[OHSU_Navigation_Install_v3.0|Install Guide]]
* [[OHSU_Navigation_Install_v3.0|Install Guide]]
* [[OHSU_Navigation_Upgrade_v2.0|Upgrade Guide]]
* [[OHSU_Navigation_Upgrade_v3.0|Upgrade Guide]]
Previous Releases:
Previous Releases:

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About Navigation App

The OHSU Navigation application is built in the Application Development Framework (ADF).


The OHSU Navigation app handles your site navigation with ease. On page creation a metadata form allows the user to add their page to navigation and through an intuitive drag and drop interface move the page into their desired order. The navigation system handles navigation nesting (trees) by default through the use of subsites.

Pre-installation Considerations

The ADF must be setup and configured on the server for the site that will be implementing the Navigation application. For detailed instructions follow the ADF Overview wiki page for Site Configurations.

This installation guide assumes that you have no Custom Elements/Metadata Forms with the names above. Before the install, remove any Custom Elements/Metadata Forms with the names listed in the "Contents" section above. (If you do not remove existing elements with these names, you may have difficulties during the installation.)

CommonSpot Required Features:

  • Simple Forms/Datasheets
  • Custom Metadata

The ADF must be configured correctly for your site. The Site Configuration (ADF.cfc) wiki page has instructions for configuration.

The Content Creation API (CCAPI) must be configured for your site. The CCAPI Configuration wiki page has instructions for configuration.

Installation Guides

Current Release v3.0:

Previous Releases: v2.0:


Known Issues/Bugs