Configure SVN for your ADF Application

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The ADF environment is set up differently for the development environment. The ADF Apps are separated from the ADF directory by creating new directory for the ADF Apps.

Development Environment Setup

Follow these steps to set up your local development environment through TortoiseSVN:

  1. At the same level as the ADF directory, create a new directory called Apps.
  2. Create a CF mapping and web mapping of /ADF/apps to this new directory.
  3. In the Apps directory, open TortoiseSVN and SVN Checkout....
    1. Svn apps 01.jpg
  4. In the Checkout dialog, enter the URL of the repository and the trunk directory.
    1. Svn apps 02.jpg
  5. The Checkout dialog will show the progress and completion.
  6. The application directory will now appear with the TortoiseSVN checked out icon.
    1. Svn apps 03.jpg

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