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ceData is a component in the ADF (/lib/ceData/ceData_x_x). The goal of this component is to allow you to query Custom Element data through simple CFC method calls. By adding programmatic access to CommonSpot Custom Elements you can extend your applications by connecting Custom Elements together.


The major method of the ceData component is the "getCEData()" method. It allows you to get the data

Data Structures

All of the data structures returned and used within the component take on the same format passed to Render Handlers. For example executing the following code in the Community Site:

<cfdump var="#application.ADF.ceData.getCEData('Forum Categories")#">

Returns the following data structure:

CeData getCEData.png

Since ceData keeps the same data structure that a typical CommonSpot Custom Element would return to a Render Handler it is possible to both programmatically get data for a Custom Element and call a standard Render Handler like this:

   propertyValues = application.ADF.ceData.getCEData("Forum Categories");
   elementInfo = structNew();
   elementInfo.elementData = structNew();
   elementInfo.elementData.propertyValues = propertyValues;
<cfmodule template="/ADF/apps/pt_forums/renderhandlers/categories_default_rh.cfm"


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Projects heavily using ceData

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