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ADF Application Library Overrides at the Site Level

See the Custom Application Site Level Configuration wiki page for more details.

Following are instructions for overriding the library component at the site level:

  1. Locate the site directory that you want to add the library override component.
  2. Verify that a directory exists in the _cs_apps directory with the applications name. If no directory exists, create it. (Ex., for the Profile Application, the directory path will be mysite/_cs_apps/pt_profile/.)
  3. Verify a /components/lib directory exists withing the application name directory. If not, create these directories. (Ex., for the Profile Application, the directory path will be mysite/_cs_apps/pt_profile/components/lib/.)
  4. Copy the CFC file from the Lib into the /components/lib/ directory.
  5. For best practices, update the component and extend the original component in the ADF lib directory.
  6. Update the component as needed.
  7. Reset the ADF for the server and site.

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