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Invoked from the Blog Manager Page the Add Blog form will be used to create a new Blog.

User Experience

The user will click the Add link which will bring up the Add Form via a lightbox. From the Add form, the user will put in the name and description and choose the owner of the new blog. In addition, the user will choose the subsite which will house the Blog (using the CS CFT: Subsite which will allow the user to add the subsite should it not exist).

Technical Specs

  • Uses the traditional Simple form interface with wrapper similar to the "Add" action (instead of the Server.CommonSpot.UDF approach - because the form submission will need to be intercepted to create page automatically)
  • User can select the template from which each blog post for this blog should be created from
  • User can determine whether or not the blog should posts blogs into subsites by date (e.g. /MyBlog/2009/05/17/)