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ADF Theme Error Log Entries

If an ADF or ADF App component, custom script, custom field or datasheet module requests Script Library theme (JQueryUI, JSTree, or Table Sorter) via the scripts.loadTheme() method and the requested theme does not exist as a CommonSpot Registered Resource this request will attempt to load a registered "Default Theme" resource or as a last resort the theme files directly but this will will also generate a error log entry describing what loadTheme() needed to do to load the theme. This "issue" will need to be resolved by the site admin/developer.

These theme error log entries can be resolved with a one of the following approaches:

  1. Run the ADF Register ALL Scripts tool.
  2. Manually register the "ui-lightness" theme as a Registered Resource.
  3. If the default theme is registered then add "ui-lightness" as an ALIAS for the Registered Resource.
  4. If a default them is not Registered... create it (with "ui-lightness") as an ALIAS.

Register the jQueryUIDefaultTheme as a CommonSpot Resource

  1. Open "Registered Resources/Libraries" dialog in the Site Admin
  2. Click "Add Resource/Library"
    • Resource Tab:
      • Name: jQueryUIDefaultTheme 1.11
      • Description: jQueryUIDefaultTheme resources.
      • Resource Category: Primary or Secondary (Generally themes/style should load before other libs)
    • Resource URLs Tab:
      • Early Loading:
        • URL: /ADF/thirdParty/jquery/ui/jquery-ui-1.11/css/ui-lightness/jquery-ui.css
          • (Be sure to register the correct version)
        • Type: Stylesheet
        • Combine: disabled
        • Minify: disabled
      • Description: jQueryUIDefaultTheme resources.
    • Alias URLs Tab:
      • Aliases:
        • ui-lightness
        • jQueryUIDefaultTheme
        • jQueryUIstyles
  3. Save