ADF Core LightWire Config Extended Base

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The LightWire Config Extended Base is a component file that provides functions to populate the object factory.


  • getComPathForCustomAppDir( string )
    • Return the com path for the directory path.
  • loadADFAppBeanConfig( string )
    • Loads the custom apps bean config file.
  • loadADFLibComponents( string, string, string )
    • Loads the ADF Library components from the directory argument.
  • processMetadata( struct, string )
    • Process the component metadata property tags to create the beans and dependencies.
  • loadDependencies( string )
    • Process the server.ADF.dependencyStruct structure to generate the dependencies.
  • addConfigStruct( string, struct )
    • Stores the config struct into the config for the object factory.
  • loadLocalAppBeanConfig( )
    • Loads (includes) the local AppBeanConfig into the Application.ADF object factory.
  • loadLocalComponents( )
    • Process the site level components into the object factory.
  • directoryFiles( string, string )
    • Returns the files for the directory.
  • filterQueryByCFCFile( query, string, string )
    • Filters the query to find the CFC file name.
  • buildBeanDataStruct( string, string, string )
    • Builds the Bean Data Struct with formatted data to create singletons and dependencies.
  • processCFCPath( string )
    • Returns the CFC path for the component relative to the ADF or site name for the full directory path.