PT Blog Release Notes v3.1

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We are proud to release v3 to the Community.

Version 3.1 is compatible with the ADF v1.6.

If installing the PT Blog app for the first time, please follow the v3.1 Install Guide.

If upgrading from a version 3 or earlier, please complete the v2.0 - v3.0 Upgrade Guides in order.


  • Added "apiKeywords_1_0" into the App Bean Config.
  • Updated the App Bean Config to include the ui_1_0 library.
  • commentsDAO.getCommentsByContentID - Added param to return only the approved comments.

Bug Fixes

  • Rolled back CEData to v1.1 for issue with the "formid" field in the Comments2 element.
  • Replaced any reference to "application.ADF" with "application.ptBlog2".
  • Updates to the render handler files to check to validate that the metadata form field exists.

SVN Change Log

For detailed SVN repository updates for the v3, please see the PT Blog v3.1 Change Log.