PT Blog Release Notes v2.3

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We are proud to release v2.3 to the Community.

Version 2.3 contains a few bug fixes related to v2.2.

If installing the app for the first time, please follow the v2.2 Install Guide.

If upgrading from v2.2, please follow the v2.3 Upgrade Guide. If upgrading from a version earlier than v2.1, the please complete the v2.2 Upgrade Guide along with the v2.1 Upgrade Guide.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved error with the blog landing page not populating the custom metadata form fields correctly.
  • Updated the RSS generator to support Railo.
  • Updated the TRY-CATCH outside of the variable function calls process.

SVN Change Log

For detailed SVN repository updates for the v2.3, please see the PT Blog v2.3 Change Log.