OHSU Navigation Release Notes v2.0

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We are proud to release v2 to the Community.

Version 2 is compatible with the ADF v1.6.

If installing the Photo Gallery app for the first time, please follow the v2 Install Guide.

If upgrading from a version 1, please complete the v2 Upgrade Guides in order.


  • Updated the App Bean Config v3.0 to support ADF v1.6.
  • Added a configuration XML file. Added a configuration option to enable the option to allow Registered URLs to open in a new window. Added a configuration option to add a list of domains that will not open in a new window when the 'new window' option is enabled
  • Updated the logic for registered URLs to convert the URLs with excluded URLs to relative paths even if the openInNewWindow option is turned off. This will prevent the problem of Authoring registered URLs being server on a ROPS redirecting the user back to the Authoring server.

Bug Fixes

  • Updated populate content call to named arguments to force the subsite ID argument.

SVN Change Log

For detailed SVN repository updates for the v2, please see the OHSU Nav v2 Change Log.